How it Works?

How do you communicate with someone you no longer have a good relationship with?

Trying to talk civilly to someone you no longer get on with about children or other family matters can be impossible.

So what do you do?


We keep you updated on news that is relevant to your situation; as well as tips that may help you navigate your way through the unchartered waters you find yourself in.

We will feature news items that we think may help you. Plus we have lots of advice about separation and how to handle things for children. It’s worth a read.


It stops aggressive and contentious texts and emails.

Stops bullying behaviour.

Allows clear and concise communication to flow between two people who have to ‘talk’ to each other. Allows families to get on with their lives.

Co-parenting Calendar

The calendar enables both parents to see what is happening in the children’s lives a month at a time.
Linked parents can view the calendar with changes made via the ContactFamily team.
It means that you can find out what is going on for all - without having to directly communicate with each other


Follow our columnists as they take you through their experiences of being a single parent. And although separation and divorce is one of the hardest situations you will have to take in life (especially if there are children involved), you are not alone.
Columns ‘Father For Life’ and ‘Mother's Nature’ - take you on a journey of tears, laughs with heaps of advice thrown in.

Agency Contact

We can connect you to other agencies who may be able to help with issues you are going through.

We will continue to update our lists of people and organisations that can help you.


Allan, Borders:
Using Contactfamily helped ease the tensions between me and my estranged wife. We just couldn’t agree on anything but we needed to communicate about our two girls. So we handed over the comunications to contactfamily. They were sensitive and helpful - always keeping me informed. I found it very supportive and things improved.
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• Trying to communicate with an ex and getting nowhere? Don’t want direct contact any more? We can act as the ‘go-between’ so let us help.

• Or maybe you don’t want to keep texting an ex about your children’s arrangements - and would rather share all arrangements via a co-parenting calendar? Please click on Calendar Only.

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