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When there's a court order in place you must adhere to the conditions of the court order. We are a communication platform and centre only. We do not act for any party on any legal basis. We are here to help communication. If you are breaking a court order; you will have to contact your solicitor and be aware of the serious consequences of this action. If you communicate to the other parent that you not adhering to the court order via contactfamily, We will not be held libel or responsible for your actions. We are merely communicating your intentions to keep the other party informed.

Once Users utilise the service data protection policy will be adhered to. All Users must accept if there is a human or technology error ContactFamily will do everything in its power to rectify this ASAP. And Users must notify the service as soon as possible if this has happened. ContactFamily will not accept any responsibility if this happens as Users must accept that technology or human errors while regrettable may occur. By using the service Users accept this risk.

In special circumstances Users can request a ContactFamily email if this helps for communication purposes. But this Email will be the property of ContactFamily.
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